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Lisa Holland-Gillem


My name is Lisa and it's great to meet you.  I am a photographer living in Cody, Wyoming, and some of the photos you see here are for sale, as are the photos I have posted on  The gallery on FineArt America is larger than this one so please feel free to take a look.  The daisy located on the bottom right of each page will easily take you to my FineArt page.  You can contact me personally via email at, or call my cell at 805-440-4965.  If you live locally and would like to contact me regarding portraits I look forward to meeting you, and hope my work will bring years of cherished memories into your home and heart.


Portrait photography:  family, senior pics, save the date, pets, etc.   The portraits you see in their own galleries are not for sale, just glimpses of private shoots.


Raven's Head Ranch is an unusual name, but it is a reminder of my childhood and a pet raven we had named Jethro. He was an ornery character, but he was a constant presence in my life.   

So let's here it for the ornery character's in all our lives, for surely we know one or two:  May they bring inspiration to us all!



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